Mary Costello follows in the footsteps of Dylan

A bit strangely, I thought, Bob Dylan’s “Chronicles: Volume One” is featuring on The Book on One on RTE Radio 1 all this week.

Dylan’s memoir made a bit of a splash when it was published in 2004 – notwithstanding the fact that, having been won over by the hype, I struggled to retain an interest for longer than a page at a time before eventually giving up on “Chronicles” about halfway through, it was an act of hubris surely unparalleled in recent publishing history to deliver a book with a title containing the words “Volume One” without ever, it seems, having any intentions of getting to work on Volume Two. And it was supposedly a three-part memoir, too.

Things should be a lot more interesting for an Irish audience from Monday next (October 22nd) when actress Caitríona Ní Mhurchú reads two stories from Mary Costello’s debut collection “The China Factory”.

The book is on an 11-strong longer-than-a-shortlist for the Guardian First Book Award, the winner of which is announced at the end of next month.

Starting on Monday night at the regular slot of 11.10pm, Ní Mhurchú will read “The Sewing Room” over three shows, with “Things I See” showcased on Thursday and Friday night.

The China Factory is published by The Stinging Fly.


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