The new issue of The Stinging Fly is… out now!

The Stinging Fly, Issue 23, Winter 2012-13

The latest issue of The Stinging Fly, the first since the publisher’s short story collection “The China Factory”, written by Mary Costello, was nominated for the Guardian First Book Award, is now available.

Issue 23 features poet Tadgh Russell and includes fiction from Claire-Louise Bennett, Colin Corrigan, David Hayden, Tania Hershman, Danielle McLaughlin, Gina Moxley, Fiona O’Connor, John O’Donnell, Suzanne Power and S.J. Ryan.

There is also an essay by Costello – she pens this edition’s Re:fresh column, which takes a look at James Salter’s short story “My Lord You”. The cover blurb for “My Lord You”, when it was published in a story collection as part of Picador’s Shots series in 2006, read:

A lonely married woman, after a disturbing encounter with a drunken poet at a dinner party, finds herself irresistibly drawn to his animal surrogate, a huge tawny-eyed dog.

Elsewhere in this edition, it’ll be interesting to see what the occasionally caustic critic Kevin Breathnach makes of Paul Auster’s “Winter Journal”, which has received mixed reviews elsewhere this year.

And when I say mixed, I mean dreadful. Here’s the thoughts of J Robert Lennon, reviewing for the Guardian in August:

Winter Journal is a terrible book – the kind of self-indulgent, ill-conceived, and poorly-edited disaster that makes you doubt whether or not you could truly have liked the works that preceded it.

If that takes us out of the remit of Irish writing, you’ll allow us an occasional lapse, I hope.

Priced at €7 (within Ireland) and €10 if you’re abroad, the latest issue can be purchased from The Stinging Fly website. Mary Costello’s The China Factory can also be purchased from The Stinging Fly for €12.99.


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