Pat McCabe on Bram Stoker’s Dracula

It’s strange, because I haven’t had the best of experiences with his books, but I could listen all day to Pat McCabe talk.

The “Arts Lives” show on RTE 1 from a few years ago, which followed McCabe, his wife, the artist Margot Quinn and his student-age twin daughters around their homes in Clones and London, was a real treat.

In that documentary McCabe described writing “a mixture of complete despair and absolute bliss.” (I may not have the wording 100 per cent correct, but it was along those lines.)

I missed this McCabe-on-Stoker documentary on BBC Radio Four a few weeks ago, so I’m only catching up now.

Then again I’m not sure when was the last time I watched or listened to something live – several episodes of Mad Men and last night’s first instalment of Girls are clogging up the Sky box at home, and I was disappointed to learn that not only did I miss the first screening of “You’ve Been Trumped” on Sunday, a documentary on Donald Trump’s outlandish golf complex creation in rural Scotland, but I also contrived to miss the repeat on Monday.

So while I’m a couple of weeks late to this, I’m guessing you might be in the same boat. Here’s the link:

Pat McCabe on Bram Stoker and the Irish influence on Dracula

It’s no coincidence that there’s a focus on Stoker and Dracula at this time of year, of course, and the Bram Stoker Festival takes place in Dublin from Friday until Sunday (October 26-28).

There’s a full list of Bram Stoker Festival events here.


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