Colum McCann was clearly a standout speaker at Hay Festival Cartagena

Colum_McCannOne of the most eagerly awaited literary launches of 2013 will surround Colum McCann. His eighth novel, Transatlantic, is expected to arrive on the bookshelves, literary and virtual, sometime around June.

It’s his first book since Let the Great World Spin won plaudits all over the globe in 2009, its garlands including the Irish Book of the Year, International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award … and, if I recall correctly, the Liveline with Joe Duffy panel selection.

McCann’s name started whizzing around Twitter on Thursday night during a talk he was giving at the Columbian offshoot of the Hay Festival – Hay Cartagena.

Below is a sample of what he was talking about. (If you’d like to hear more from Colum McCann, he reads his own story “Transatlantic” over at the New Yorker podcast from last year. The Amazon description, which references Alcock and Brown, would suggest that the new book is a novel-length version of the story.)

Love that last one. Sure it’s not true, but the sentiment is unmistakable…

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