The book club choice for March

The Light of Amsterdam - David Park

David Parks’ The Light of Amsterdam

David Parks’ The Light of Amsterdam is the choice for the blog’s second ever book club online meet-up, which will take place (at a computer near you) before the end of March.

Our first choice was Mary Costello’s The China Factory, which resulted in a lively online discussion last week.

The Light of Amsterdam was shortlisted for the Eason Irish Novel of the Year award last year, an award eventually won by John Banville’s Ancient Light.

Somewhat discombobulatingly, there’s no Wikipedia entry dedicated to Park, which is a bit mystifying considering the fact that this is his eighth book, and that his previous works include Swallowing the Sun, also shortlisted for Irish Novel of the Year, and Truth Commissioner, winner of the Christopher Ewart-Biggs prize.

In an article about the book from late last year, the Guardian, or rather Guardian writer Ian Sansom, did its best to winch an unbearable burden onto the shoulders of The Light of Amsterdam by describing it as:

Perhaps the first book by a serious Northern Irish novelist that might be described as a genuinely post-Troubles novel

A Google+ Community has been set up for all those interested in joining the club, and there will be announcements over there whenever applicable.

The date of the next online meet-up is likely to be Monday, March 25th at 9pm. If you’d like to get involved, drop me an email at

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