Paris, a new Irish publisher and a crowdfunded opening offering

The illustration for "Eveline" by Stephen Crowe

The illustration for “Eveline” by Stephen Crowe

Well, this is exciting. Three of the world’s most beautiful things – books, crowdfunding and Paris – have come together with the launch of a brand new Irish publishing house based in the French capital.

de Selby Press has been co-founded by Linda Fallon (who I’m delighted to know actually exists – she’s Irish, has been based in Paris for seven years or so and is the head book-buyer of enduringly iconic Paris bookshop Shakespeare & Company) and Terry Craven (a Yorkshire man, a writer and also a bookseller in the same store).

The de Selby Press describes itself as a small Irish press based in Paris, with the remit to publish “any impractical incarnation of Franco-Hibernian wordiness that appeals to us”.

It’s starting out with a crowdfunded new 100th anniversary illustrated edition of James Joyce’s Dubliners, and the good news is that Linda, Terry (and team?) are already more than halfway towards their €10,000 funding target.

The new book will be illustrated by Stephen Crowe (his latest piece, to accompany “Eveline”, is above) while funders can benefit from a range of rewards, including copies of the first edition, a recording of “The Lass of Aughrim” recorded exclusively for the project by the wonderful Lisa Hannigan and a print of one of Crowe’s illustrations. (Not to mention the ebook download, which is as always, thankfully, the poor relation in the list of book-related treasures.)

But why listen to just me? Here’s Linda and Terry talking about the project:

If you would like to support the project, from as little as €5, click here for the de Selby Press Dubliners page on Ulule.



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