A beautiful new paperback edition of Dubliners

The release date on BookDepository says August 2014, but I’m just seeing this now – a beautiful new paperback centennial edition of James Joyce’s Dubliners by Penguin Classics.

Introduced by Colum McCann, the book also includes (via product description) “the stunning cover art and sumptuous packaging that are the hallmarks of the Penguin Classics Graphic Deluxe series”.

The beauty of the cover art (below) is obvious, but sumptuous packaging? I want to know more about that – has anyone received any of the Penguin Classics Graphic Deluxe series? What is this sumptuousness they speak of?

It has been a decent centenary for Dubliners, with startup Irish publisher Tramp Press also producing a beautiful new collection of short stories with Irish writers such as Paul Murray, Peter Murphy, Patrick McCabe, Eimear McBride, John Kelly and Elske Rahill reimagining the Joyce stories 100 years on. Find more about Dubliners 100 here.

(Images below via 1901 over on Tumblr)


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