gorse, the journal of the innovative, the exploratory and the under-appreciated, opens submissions for new issues

gorse, the literary journal launched in Dublin a year ago, has opened a month-long window for submissions for its fourth and fifth editions, which will be published this coming September and February 2016 respectively.

Categorised into essays, fiction and poetry, gorse, at first glance, might appear formulaic, but only until you look under the hood. It will never do anything less than surprise, and it will challenge and provoke and maybe even infuriate too.

Edited and published by the esteemed Susan Tomaselli, gorse features “longform narrative essays, original fiction and interviews … is an exploration of the art of words … is interested in the potential of literature, in literature where lines between fiction, memoir and history blur, in the unconventional and the under recognised.”

The commitment to the under-appreciated is perhaps the thread that ties it all together: at a time when 0.001 per cent of literature (I’m guessing) is heralded by the zeitgeisty reviewers and bought by the truckload, when positive national media reviews and the ensuing awards nominations provide the oxygen that sustains so few, when a world of infinite choice and infinite voice means marketing has never been more important, anyone giving a platform for writers whose work might be gravely under-valued deserves to be congratulated.

Publications such as gorse and their ilk will sometimes be too esoteric even for ardent readers – gorse is no piece of glossy fluff, as evidenced by this footnote on experimental writing – but in giving a platform to those who dare to think about the world differently, it fills a vital role.

But enough of that waffle.

The most important thing, if I’ve managed to hold your attention to here, is that gorse will remain open for submissions (experimental or otherwise) only until Friday, February 20th next. You can find all the necessary information on its submission page here.


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